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The "Green" Industrial Cleaning Company

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About Denver Janitorial

Denver Janitorial provides non-toxic janitorial services to commercial customers of all kinds. You name it - we clean it. We have concentrated all of our experience and resources on developing and perfecting the very best non-toxic cleaning processes in the industry using only environmentally friendly products! We truly believe in "green" cleaning.

In the rush of today's changing world, it's nice to know there are still some things you can count on. At Denver Janitorial Services, our goal is to provide our customers with personalized, top-quality cleaning services they can count day after day, week after week. That doesn't mean we don't make mistakes, after all we are human! If and when an issue does occur we listen and take action to prevent re-occurrence. Our customers are our #1 priority - that is our promise to you!

Denver Janitorial Services, LLC is a minority owned company that is bonded and insured in the state of Colorado.